Being Introduced to Fencing

By the first week, I was already hooked on the crazy amount of fun I was having. Just doing drills really excited me because it was something completely new that I had never done before nor seen on TV.

The Wii Motion Plus Swordfight Showdown and Fencing

So, what is the “so what” here? So, it isn’t just about getting better at WII (although I am taking on all challengers after this is over). In life we have a habit of either being reactive or charging ahead with a strategy and never veering the course.

Keeping it Together

I am determined to not lose the gains that I have acquired in fencing over the past one year. While I cannot meet with my fencing friends for some friendly bouting, I do what I can. I keep active in a couple of ways.

Why I Fence

Fencing is a community – Not only is it a community, but it is a community of ladies and gentlemen! Who wouldn’t want to be part of a community like that?