Forte Covid-19 Enhanced Safety Policy

Until further notice, all Forte participants must comply with these enhanced safety policies.

Any violators may be expelled until they comply.

  1. FACE COVERINGS ARE MANDATORY, and must be worn properly at all times. Bandannas and single layer coverings are strictly PROHIBITED. If it is a single layer covering, but has a space for a filter, the filter MUST be properly installed. Forte coaches reserve the right to determine if your face covering is acceptable.
  2. Remain at least 6 feet from others.
  3. Each participant MUST sign an additional waiver. CLICK HERE
  4. Lesson START time is non-negotiable. If late, that time is NOT made up.
  5. Lesson END time is strict.
  6. Arrive up to 25 minutes prior to lesson to be checked in and get warmed up. CALL FIRST before getting out of your car. Call 973-400-9203 and wait for further instructions.
  7. You must leave within 10 minutes of your lesson ending.
  8. Come dressed for lesson. NO changing on site.
  9. Any person entering the Forte space will have their temperature checked.
  10. Lesson sign up will OPEN the Sunday of each week.
  11. Only 1 parent/guardian per student will be permitted within the Forte space and will be asked to remain in a designated area.
  12. Personal gear MUST remain within your designated space.
  13. No sharing of water bottles.
  14. Bathrooms at the club are for coaches or emergency use only.
  15. Everyone MUST use sanitizer before entering the space, as well as upon leaving the space. A hands free sanitizer dispenser will be provided by Forte and located at the check-in table.


In accordance with USA Fencing and the USOPC's guidelines, anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19, including a fever with no other symptoms, cannot attend club until 14 days have passed symptom-free without medication, or after 2 negative tests taken 3 days apart. In addition, anyone who has a confirmed case requires a note from their healthcare professional clearing them to return.