Forte Covid-19 Safety Policy

Until further notice, all Forte participants must comply with these safety policies.

Any violators may be expelled until they comply.

  1. FACE COVERINGS ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED, and should be worn properly at all times, whether the participant is vaccinated or not.
  2. Remain at least 3 feet from others.
  3. Each participant MUST sign an additional waiver. CLICK HERE
  4. Lesson START and END times are non-negotiable. If late, that time is NOT made up.
  5. Come dressed for lesson. No changing on site.
  6. One parent/guardian per student will be permitted within the Forte space and will be asked to remain in a designated area. A second person may be allowed — check with the manager on duty.
  7. Personal gear MUST remain within your designated space.
  8. No sharing of water bottles.
  9. Bathrooms at the club are for emergency use only. Be aware that others may not be wearing PPE masks. Please take reasonable social distancing precautions.

In accordance with guidelines set by NJ Department of Health:

ASYMPTOMATIC POSITIVE: Any member who tests positive but is asymptomatic can return to Forte 5 days after the positive test.
POSITIVE WITH SYMPTOMS: Any member who tests positive and has symptoms can return to Forte 24 hours after being symptom-free without medication, no sooner than 10 days after the positive test.

Policy updated 2/19/2023