Jaime Ayala

Epee / Foil

Coach Jaime’s career started in 2008, a year after moving from Mexico, under Barb Lynch at Morris Hills. He has over 9 years of experience in the sport and is constantly learning more from a variety of international coaches in order to become a better athlete and coach. After graduating from MH, Coach Jaime continued his fencing career training under different coaches, including: Slava Danylov, Lisa Campi-Sapery, and Maestro Marcos Lucchetti, to name some. Coach Jaime is a competitive athlete in Mexico as well as in the US, and is currently training to obtain a spot on the Mexican National Team. He is also the Randolph HS Epee coach and has helped his students achieve different results, which include County Champions as well as a top 10 in NJ State Championship. This winter Coach Jaime will receive his B.A. in Applied Linguistics and Minor in Asian Studies from Montclair State University. He not only brings his language expertise to Forte Fencing Club, but an assortment of fencing knowledge.