Honing My Technique on the Strip

I started to get the hang of bouting against good opponents and started experimenting with new things instead of trying to fence for my life. Going on the strip became much more enjoyable because I wasn’t worried about losing.

An Unexpected New Goal

In previous tournaments I have participated, it was often difficult to hear the referee over the buzz of the crowds in the venue. The hand signals were there, but to me it just looked like they were trying to land an airplane on the strip. So, when this seminar came along, it seemed like a great opportunity (plus Coach Lefty told me to go, and we should always do what Coach Lefty says!).

Time Management of a High School Fencer

Managing time all comes down to motivation to get work done. Procrastination or becoming sidetracked occurs when the person has no motivation to do the work that is meant to be done. Having something to drive you to do your work will assist in becoming more efficient with both time and work. My motivation was fencing.

First Strikes

To truly fence is to fence free of all hindrances; to fence your absolute best, regardless of your opponent.

More On Keeping It Together

And my new fun activity is “ask the coach”. Because I usually attend the Cutting-Edge Fencing online footwork class a couple of times a week, I have stumbled across some things that I did not get. Not being a Cutting-Edge student, I do not have the two-way interaction. But I still have my Forte coach, and I find that the occasional well-formed question will get answered.