First Strikes

To truly fence is to fence free of all hindrances; to fence your absolute best, regardless of your opponent.

More On Keeping It Together

And my new fun activity is “ask the coach”. Because I usually attend the Cutting-Edge Fencing online footwork class a couple of times a week, I have stumbled across some things that I did not get. Not being a Cutting-Edge student, I do not have the two-way interaction. But I still have my Forte coach, and I find that the occasional well-formed question will get answered.

La Maupin

Due to some illegal dueling, Paris became too hot for these two and they fled. They earned their keep by performing fencing exhibitions and singing in taverns. Around this time, she began to dress in men’s clothing. It was reported that she was so good a fencer, the audiences frequently could not believe she was a woman!

Being Introduced to Fencing

By the first week, I was already hooked on the crazy amount of fun I was having. Just doing drills really excited me because it was something completely new that I had never done before nor seen on TV.

The Wii Motion Plus Swordfight Showdown and Fencing

So, what is the “so what” here? So, it isn’t just about getting better at WII (although I am taking on all challengers after this is over). In life we have a habit of either being reactive or charging ahead with a strategy and never veering the course.